Food Bank of the Rockies: A Charitable Organization Fighting Hunger in Colorado


In Colorado, as in many other regions of the United States, hunger is a serious problem that affects many people. However, thanks to Food Bank of the Rockies, support and hope is provided to hungry families and individuals experiencing food insecurity. Food Bank of the Rockies is a charitable organization founded in 1978 that provides solutions to reduce hunger and combat food insecurity in Colorado.

History and mission of the organization

Food Bank of the Rockies was created in response to the growing need for hunger relief. The organization began in 1978 and has become one of the largest and longest-lived organizations of its kind in the region. Its mission is to reduce hunger and rescue food that might otherwise be discarded. Food Bank of the Rockies partners with local retail stores, farmers markets, food producers and other partners to collect and distribute food to those in need.

Programs and Activities

Food Bank of the Rockies offers a variety of programs to fight hunger and improve food security in Colorado. Some of these include:

Food Distribution

The organization collects fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and other food items that might otherwise be thrown away and distributes them through its network of partners, including local food banks, supermarkets and child nutrition programs.

The Kids Are Our Neighbors program

The organization provides food and snacks for children in distress or who receive free breakfast and lunch at school. The program helps children eat nutritious meals, gives them a chance to focus on their studies and overcome hunger.

Mobile Food Banks

Food Bank of the Rockies organizes mobile units that deliver food to those who do not have access to fixed food banks. This is especially important for remote areas and communities with limited resources.

Volunteer Program

Food Bank of the Rockies actively engages volunteers who play an important role in the success of the organization’s programs. Individuals can participate in sorting and packing food, helping to distribute food, and providing support at the organization’s various events. Not only does the volunteer program help in the fight against hunger, but it also helps to create connections in the community and raise awareness about food safety issues.

Food Bank of the Rockies plays a significant role in fighting hunger and food insecurity in Colorado. Through its programs, the organization provides food to those in need and builds partnerships with local businesses and communities to efficiently distribute resources. The mission of Food Bank of the Rockies engages volunteers and maintains awareness of this serious issue in the community. Through their efforts, the organization brings hope and food to people seeking to overcome hunger and improve their lives.