Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health
Colorado Chapter

Who We Are?

The Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health-CO Chapter (CO Federation), founded in 1993, is a family-driven and family-run non-profit organization that provides the “Family Voice” in Colorado’s behavioral health care system through advocacy, leadership, technical assistance, and collaboration. The CO Federation is also one of 120 chapters and state organizations affiliated with the National Federation of Families.

Using System of Care values, the primary activities of the CO Federation are to help families and their children with mental health issues maneuver through the complicated behavioral health care system in Colorado by providing education, support, advocacy, and promotion of mental health needs of families and children.

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of the CO Federation is to be an advocate for children, youth and families impacted by mental health issues while striving to improve and strengthen related systems, programs, and policies across the state of Colorado.

We empower families of children, adolescents, and young adults with emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders; assist in accessing effective community-based services and supports; promote family leadership; develop necessary training, policies and resources in the field of children’s mental health; and promote peer family support workforce development.

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Our Philosophy


  • Families are experts on their children
  • Families are equal partners with service providers in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a service plan for the family
  • Families have both "voice and choice" in the services they receive
  • Services must be affordable, accessible, available, and culturally appropriate
  • Services must be non-judgmental and focus on family strengths
  • Family support services, including advocacy and other non-traditional services are effective tools in improving a family's quality of life. 
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Our Core Values 

    1. Families’ ability to be critical front-line advocates for their children.
    2. Collaborative systems of care that reflect family-drive, family-focused service planning and delivery.
    3. Systems that result in greater family empowerment and result in the development of new skills, knowledge, and strengths.
    4. Strong partnerships with allied organizations, groups and individuals.
    5. A strength-based approach to supporting families

    At the CO Federation we know that….


    •  Children and youth who receive the right services at the right time can thrive in their families, schools, and communities.
    • The cost of untreated mental illness is too high for all of us! We lose our children and youth to suffering, school suspensions and expulsions, juvenile detention, runaways, and even death. Families often suffer emotionally and financially, with increased bankruptcies and lost work productivity. 
    • Children and youth deserve to know that they are important, loved and that we will do everything in our power as parents, fellow citizens, schools, mental health providers and Coloradoans to help them thrive and be mentally healthy.
    • Everyone deserves the right to be healthy-especially children, youth and families.

    We Can Help

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    Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health ~ Colorado Chapter

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