How do You Give Money to Charity?


There are several ways to give money to charity. Online payments are mostly used for this purpose because it is fast, convenient and safe. Let’s look at the main examples of donations.

Direct donations

The easiest way is a direct transfer of funds to the account of the charity. This can be done via bank transfer, check, online donation platform, electronic payment system or by phone.

Regular donations

Our fund gives benefactors the opportunity to set up a system of regular monthly deductions to the account. For example, some programs require a certain amount to be deducted from your bank account every day – you determine the amount yourself.

Corporate donations

A representative of a commercial organization can donate funds on its behalf, i.e. as a legal entity. Today, companies are developing corporate social responsibility programs. They imply financial or resource assistance in favor of charitable foundations, actions, projects, programs and so on.

Donations with money

If the branch of a charity fund is located nearby, or the collection is carried out by local volunteers, most often the money is “handed over” personally from hand to hand. In addition to cash, other forms of donations can be useful: providing goods, professional services, and labor.