A Journey Through Haunted Places in Colorado

The Stanley Hotel

Colorado, known for its majestic mountains and vibrant cultural life, also harbors a more mysterious side. This article delves into the haunted attractions in Colorado, offering a spine-tingling journey through some of the state’s most ghostly locations. From eerie hotels to abandoned mining towns, haunted places in Colorado provide a unique blend of history and mystery.

The Stanley Hotel: A Legendary Haunted Place in Colorado

The Stanley Hotel, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Estes Park, Colorado, holds a storied history as one of the most renowned and haunted destinations in the United States. Established in 1909 by F.O. Stanley, a prosperous inventor and entrepreneur, along with his wife Flora, the hotel was conceived as a lavish mountain retreat for the elite of its era.

With its distinctive architecture and idyllic setting, the Stanley Hotel has long been a magnet for visitors seeking both natural beauty and a glimpse into the supernatural. Over the years, the hotel’s rich history and the abundance of paranormal experiences it offers have inspired countless guests and earned it a place in literary history as the setting for Stephen King’s iconic novel, “The Shining.”


The Stanley Hotel is renowned for several notable hauntings and unexplained phenomena:

  • Ghostly Piano Music: Numerous guests and staff members have reported hearing ethereal piano music emanating from the deserted ballroom during the late hours of the night. Despite thorough investigations, the source of this haunting melody has remained elusive, leaving an air of mystery surrounding this auditory phenomenon;
  • Apparition of Mr. Stanley: F.O. Stanley himself is said to make occasional appearances within the hotel’s grand confines. Dressed in his formal attire, he is often spotted in various areas of the hotel, including the billiard room. Witnesses attest to the uncanny realism of these apparitions, further cementing the Stanley Hotel’s reputation as a hub of paranormal activity.

Paranormal Experiences

The paranormal encounters at the Stanley Hotel extend beyond mere sightings and auditory phenomena. Numerous guests have reported the following unexplained occurrences:

  • Ghostly Figures in Old-Fashioned Clothing: Visitors have described encounters with apparitions clothed in period attire, seemingly out of place in the modern era. These specters often manifest briefly before fading into the shadows, leaving guests both fascinated and bewildered;
  • Room 217: Arguably the most famous haunted location within the hotel, Room 217 has achieved legendary status. It was in this very room that Stephen King stayed, drawing inspiration for his masterpiece, “The Shining.” Guests who occupy Room 217 have recounted a range of unsettling experiences, including flickering lights, objects moving of their own volition, and an eerie sensation of being constantly observed. These phenomena continue to intrigue and terrify those who dare to stay in this infamous room.

The Haunted Mines: Delving into Darkness

Heading south from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, we arrive at yet another spine-tingling attraction: the Haunted Mines in Colorado Springs. However, unlike the Stanley Hotel, this destination was not constructed for opulence and luxury; instead, it began its existence as a fully operational mine. Today, it stands as a captivating haunted attraction, drawing in visitors eager to experience its unsettling atmosphere.


The Haunted Mines in Colorado Springs boast a series of eerie occurrences and chilling encounters that contribute to their reputation as a hub of paranormal activity:

  • Phantom Miners: Among the most frequent sightings reported by visitors are apparitions of miners who once toiled deep within the mine’s bowels. These ghostly figures are often described as clad in archaic mining attire, their dimly lit lanterns casting eerie glows as they roam the dark passages;
  • Unearthly Encounters: The Haunted Mines have gained notoriety for the mysterious sounds of pickaxes and shovels striking against rock walls, even when no living soul is present. These inexplicable noises reverberate through the tunnels, creating an unsettling ambiance that sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore the subterranean depths;
  • Ghostly Figures in Tunnels: As visitors navigate the labyrinthine tunnels of the Haunted Mines, they sometimes recount encounters with shadowy figures. These elusive entities appear and vanish without warning, leaving those who cross their path with lingering questions and an unmistakable sense of unease.

Cheesman Park: A Stroll with Spirits

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park, situated in the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, is a place of serene natural beauty that conceals a dark and unsettling history. The park’s origins date back to the mid-19th century when it was established on the grounds of what was once the Denver City Cemetery. During its transformation from a burial ground to a public park, the remains of many individuals were left undiscovered, adding a layer of mystery and unease to its legacy.


Cheesman Park has earned a reputation as one of Colorado’s most haunted locations, with numerous reports of eerie occurrences and spectral sightings:

  • Unsettling Sensations: Visitors to Cheesman Park often describe experiencing profound unease and discomfort while wandering its grounds. Many have reported a palpable sense of being watched or followed, as if invisible eyes were observing their every move;
  • Apparitions in Victorian-Era Clothing: Among the most frequently recounted paranormal phenomena are sightings of apparitions dressed in clothing from the Victorian era. These ghostly figures seem to emerge from the park’s haunted past, offering glimpses into a bygone era that refuses to fade away.

Ghostly Phenomena

The paranormal experiences at Cheesman Park go beyond mere sightings and sensations, with visitors sharing a variety of unsettling encounters:

  • Feeling Watched or Followed: Those who explore the park often report the distinct feeling of being watched or followed. This eerie sensation adds to the park’s haunted ambiance, leaving many visitors with a sense of disquiet and fascination;
  • Apparitions of Victorian-Era Figures: The spectral figures that have been sighted in the park are often described as wearing clothing from the Victorian era. These ethereal beings appear suddenly and then vanish, leaving behind an aura of mystery and a lingering sense of the supernatural.

The Molly Brown House: Titanic Survivor’s Haunted Abode

The Molly Brown House

The Molly Brown House in Denver, Colorado, holds a unique place in history as the former residence of Margaret “Molly” Brown, a prominent survivor of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Beyond its historical significance, the house has also garnered a reputation as one of Colorado’s most haunted dwellings.


The Molly Brown House is associated with a range of paranormal phenomena, suggesting that Molly’s spirit may still linger within its walls:

  • The Molly Brown House is associated with a range of paranormal phenomena, suggesting that Molly’s spirit may still linger within its walls:
  • Objects in Motion: Numerous reports detail objects within the house moving on their own accord. These inexplicable movements, such as doors opening and closing by themselves or items shifting position, leave no doubt that something otherworldly may be at play. Visitors and paranormal investigators have documented these instances, adding to the growing body of evidence that the house is inhabited by restless spirits;
  • Unexplained Sounds: Visitors and staff alike have described hearing unexplained sounds echoing through the house. These eerie noises include footsteps that traverse empty corridors and whispers that seem to emanate from nowhere. These auditory manifestations contribute to the house’s haunted ambiance and serve as a constant reminder of the mysteries that lie within its walls;
  • Feeling of Being Watched: Many individuals who visit the Molly Brown House report a distinct and persistent sensation of being observed, even when they are seemingly alone. This pervasive feeling of being watched creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that is difficult to shake. Some believe that it is Molly Brown herself, or perhaps other restless spirits, who are responsible for this eerie surveillance;
  • Apparitions of Molly Brown: Some visitors claim to have witnessed the apparition of Molly Brown herself, often dressed in the attire of her time. These ghostly sightings are both poignant and chilling, as they suggest that Molly’s spirit may still reside within the house she once called home. Her spectral presence reinforces the belief that the past and the afterlife are intertwined in this historic dwelling.


The haunted places in Colorado offer a unique glimpse into the state’s eerie past. From the Stanley Hotel to the depths of the Haunted Mines, each location has its own story and supernatural experiences. Whether you’re a ghost hunter or just curious about the paranormal, these haunted attractions in Colorado are sure to intrigue and frighten.


Q: Are these haunted attractions in Colorado safe to visit?

A: Yes, they are safe and open to the public, but it’s always best to respect the sites and any guidelines provided.

Q: Can I take a guided tour of these haunted places in Colorado?

A: Many of these locations offer guided tours, especially around Halloween, to enhance the eerie experience.

Q: Is paranormal equipment allowed in these haunted places in Colorado?

A: This varies by location. Some places welcome it, while others may have restrictions.

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